Forest Fern Creation’s Follower Give-Away

Doing another small give-away for domestic followers here in the USA. Going to stagger the international and domestic give aways every other month or so :)

Liking, reblogging and following are all musts and increase your chance of winning. Winners will be drawn March 1st.

What you win:

-Handmade hen feather, muskrat bone and raccoon fur earrings

-Three small shells

-A turtle shell carapace bone piece

-Two miscellaneous nature cleaned bones

-A carved bone bead

-A small glass jar of feverfew oil

-An opossum jaw bone necklace

-A small piece of hornet’s nest

-A good sized piece of snake skin

-A good sized piece of salvaged beige leather

Thank you guys! xoxo


A small giveaway 
This months giveaway is a bit small but still full of tiny natural treasures. 

- A few salvaged bones 
- little leather pouch with toe bone button 
- pine cones
- found shells
- glass vial necklace with woodland moss and painted lady butterfly wing
- wire wrapped smokey quartz pendant  
- small sample specimens of lichens and moss 

a tiny thank you for all the support and wonderful customers of wolftea<3 

liking and reblogging are both counted as entries,
i will choose a winner toward the end of the month. 

lots of love to all of you

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